A Meeting Assistant That Keeps You Focused

Take time-stamped notes and mark highlights in your Zoom call with Scribe.

Once the meeting is over, Scribe will send you a transcript of your meeting, turn your highlights into quotes, your time-stamped notes and any other important moments you missed directly to your email.

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Step 1: Invite Scribe To Your Meeting

Simply add scribe@thescribe.xyz to your meeting invite.

Step 2: Highlight Important Moments Directly In Chat

Highlight Moments In Chat

Simply send Scribe the character "S" to tell Scribe it's time to highlight that moment in the meeting.

Take Time-stamped Notes In Chat

Have an important note to make at an important point in the meeting? Chat with Scribe and type your note in.
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Step 3: Meeting Report E-Mailed Directly To You

Shortly after the meeting is over, Scribe will send you a meeting report that contains all relevant information about your meeting.

Your Notes And Highlights With Time-Stamps

Your time-stamped notes will be sent to you and the highlights that you marked will be turned into quotes.


Scribe will automatically create a transcript of your meeting.

Automatic Key Action Items Extraction

Scribe will also automatically extract and present any key action items and questions in your call so you can quickly identify them after the meeting.

One free meeting. $10/month after.

Time-Stamped Notes
Meeting Bookmarks
Key Items Extraction

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